Exhibition “Le dos des arbres” /Clara Chichin 

From March 20th till / June 10th, 2018

Realized along with the current, in the swamp from Poitou, the exhibition “Le dos des arbres” realized by the young artist Clara Chichin, mix photos black and white and color photos, in the pale tones.
Alternation of landscapes and a human figure, we follow a young woman.

This series is read as a walk, a dreamlike bracket, an internal landscape, given rhythm by the singular decoration and saddening opposite trees, uprooted (by the wind, when the earth on banks is too full of water after the flood of the swamp) which marked the look of the photographer.
“Le dos des arbres” arose from an empathic meeting between the photographer and the young woman. 

Exhibition” La noche oscura ” / Anaïs Boudot

From June 21st till September 21st, 2018

Anaïs Boudot begins a photographic pilgrimage, exploring vestiges of the Spanish religious architecture.
Her approach borrows the asceticism and the perusal from the Christian mysticism, by focusing the attention on the mineral rigor of the solitary arcs, the pillars and the capitals, the bulwarks marked by the insults of time, appearing on the background of saturated blacks.

Doors opened on a hardly sketched second plan, staircases leading towards the unknown, the walls in prospect aiming towards an inaccessible horizon, invite to venture off-camerato widen the level of consciousness towards not perceptible universes in the first look.