For individual tours


Free audio guides (6 languages: French, English, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch)

If you go on the “exploration” trail, there are boards all along it tracing the history of the site:

-The abbey church and the 12th century chapter house,
-The late 17th century monastic monument,
-The 13th century Tancarville family chapel,
-The French-style gardens,
-The panoramic view over the Seine Valley,
-Temporary exhibitions.

For children

“The riddle of the Salamander”

An educational trail has been created for children. It offers a fun way of seeing the abbey’s most important sites and provides information about both the lives of the monks and how the abbey was run.

Hello, my name is Brother Benedict and I’m going to be taking you on a tour around my abbey: Saint Georges de Boscherville abbey. An abbey is a lot more than just a church, a whole community of monks used to live her. There were kitchens, a dormitory, an infirmary, a carpenter’s shop, barns to hold the harvests, etc. So you’ll be seeing a whole complex as we go around my abbe..

Help me solve “The riddle of the Salamander”! Sidonie, the salamander, an animal which looks rather like a lizard, is hiding in the abbey – see if you can find out where!

To help you, I’ll be giving you a few clues, telling you stories and asking you questions… How can we solve “the riddle of the salamander”? When you come and see me, I’ll give you a tour booklet to show you the way. You can use this guide to follow clues to find out where to go. The clues are often to do with looking around you but sometimes they can be found in the document you’re holding in your hands. The clues help to guide you and make sure you’re on the right track. You move on from one clue to the next. The most difficult thing is working out the distances. The comments are there to help you explore the site.